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Mastering the Lensbaby: A step-by-step guide to mastering your Lenbaby and becoming a more creative PhotographerProduct Description
Your One-Stop Lensbaby Resource
If you’ve ever wished you could create compelling images with the Lensbaby and the Lensbaby Optic Swap system, this is the book for you. Written by professional photographer and Lensbaby Guru Doug Sahlin, “Mastering the Lensbaby: A step-by-step guide to mastering your Lensbaby and becoming a more creative photographer”, shows you how to come to grips with the most popular bodies in the Lensbaby stable: The Lensbaby Composer, The Lensbaby Composer Pro, and The Lensbaby Scout. You also learn how to use every Lensbaby optic and accessory.In the first part of the book, Doug discusses important digital photography concepts you need to know in order to master your Lensbaby. Then he discusses all of the Lensbaby optics as well as the accessories you can add to the Lensbaby hostel in your camera bag. The first chapters in this guide show you everything you need to know to set up your digital camera for Lensbaby photography. The only Lensbaby products not covered are the Velvet 56, the Circular Fisheye and the Sweet 50.In the first chapters of the book you learn to:

  • Set-up your camera for the Lensbaby
  • Choose the right optic for the job
  • Adjust your camera to capture the sharpest images possible with your Lensbaby
  • Accessorize your Lensbaby
  • Move the Sweet Spot of Focus
  • Change optics
  • Change aperture disks
  • Shoot close-ups with the Macro Kit and Macro Converters
  • Use the Wide Angle, Super Wide Angle and Telephoto attachments
  • Master the Edge 80

If you’ve ever wanted a Lensbaby mentor on demand, this is the book for you.

Creating Better Images: Your guide to becoming a more creative digital photographerProduct Description

If you’ve ever wanted to stretch your personal digital photography envelope and create better images, this is the book for you. To be a creative photographer, requires insight, desire, and practice.  In this guide, photographer Doug Sahlin shows you how to master your digital photography equipment, create better pictures, and become a more creative photographer.

In this authoritative guide you will learn to:

  • Transcend the technology of digital photography
  • Learn how to become a more creative photographer
  • Develop a style
  • Visualize your images
  • Convey a mood with your images
  • Compose your images

The guide is lavishly illustrated with full-color photos and works with all Kindles, but is best viewed on a device with full color such as the Kindle Fire. This guide also looks great on the Kindle app for the iPad. If you don’t have a Kindle or an iPad, you can read this guide on your computer using the FREE Kindle app for the PC or Mac.

If you want to stretch your personal envelope in digital photography, become a more creative photographer, and learn how to create more compelling images, this is the book for you!

Creating Great Images Where You Live: Learn tips and techniques to create compelling images in your home town.Product Description
Photographers who live in the same town for a long time, soon run out of new and interesting places to photograph. Many think the answer to rekindling the photography spark is to travel to a distant location with new and exciting vistas. But there’s a better way. In this book professional photographer Doug Sahlin shows you how to create great images wherever you live, even if you think you’ve run out of places and things to shoot.
In this book Doug shows you how to:
. Create compelling images of places you’ve photographed hundreds of times before
. See with a new perspective
. Extract the extraordinary from the ordinary
. Create different types of images of places and things you’ve photographed before
Digital Landscape and Nature Photography for DummiesProduct Description
Step-by-step instruction on creating beautiful nature and landscape portraits
This eye-popping guide walks you through the nitty gritty of how to take memorable and stunning landscape and nature photos. Packed with constructive advice and a good dose of friendly handholding, this full-color and extra large-trim beginner guide escorts you through the basics of photography and explains how to apply those fundamentals when taking high-quality photos.

  • Walks you through the basics of photography and details how you can apply those skills to nature and landscape photography
  • Zeroes in on ways to sharpen your skills by adjusting exposure, composition, and lighting in order to get the best results
  • Explores the most popular landscape themes and describes how to capture them, including forests, mountains, crashing waves, and sunsets
  • Shares tips on processing photos, making common repairs, and finding inspiration

Digital Landscape and Nature Photography For Dummies investigates the most popular nature themes and describes how to capture them, including birds, animals in the wild, animals in captivity, flowers, and insects.

Digital SLR Settings and Shortcuts for Dummies Product Description
Discover the easy path to taking brilliant and memorable photos
The popularity of DSLR cameras remains on the rise, yet these digital cameras still present a challenge to novice photographers who lack a foundation in photography skills. This straightforward-but-friendly guide walks you through the 100 most common photos that amateur photographers like to include in their personal portfolios and offers specific advice on getting the correct exposure settings, composition, and lighting while sparing you the technical jargon. Seasoned author and photographer Doug Sahlin includes more than 300 full-color photos on everything from family portraits and pets to nature and sporting events, all aimed at providing you with inspiration as you work to find your own individual style.

  • Skips the technical jargon and shows you where to start for optimal exposure settings.
  • Offers shortcuts, tips, and advice for setting the camera to make specific shots and making impromptu adjustments when needed
  • Includes more than 300 full-color photos of people, nature, sports, events, and places that serve as example and inspiration
  • Helps you get the best photographs from your DSLR while you work with movement in action photos, finicky lighting with fireworks or amusement parks at night, or distance, blur, and intricate details
  • Walks you through troubleshooting the most common digital photography problems

Digital SLR Settings Shortcuts For Dummies delivers the starting point for getting the necessary settings so you can get great digital photos.

Digital Portrait Photography Workbook for Dummies by Doug Sahlin
“A very practical looking title from an imprint that still produces the goods time and time again.” (The Bookseller, Friday 14th March 2008)
Product Description
Digital photography has revolutionized the way people take, print, and share photos. But if you’re wondering why your digital photos don’t measure up to the terrific shots that some people take of sunsets, people, pets, and everything else, you probably need a little help from Digital Photography Workbook for Dummies.With great, easy-to-follow instruction and lots of practice tasks, this roll-up-your sleeves workbook is packed with exercises to help you become a better digital photographer and photo editor. You’ll learn the basics of classic photocomposition, find out how to capture and accentuate movement in action photos, and get comfortable adding even more pizzazz to your pics using Photoshop Elements. More than 100 step-by-step procedures, illustrated in full color, help you discover how to:* Get familiar with your camera’s features and tools
* Control depth of field
* Minimize reflections
* Photograph children and pets
* Calibrate your monitor
* Notice and remove stray objects from photos
* Take great landscape, cityscape, and nature photos
* Cope with adverse weather and lighting conditions
* Find, organize, and archive your imagesComplete with lots of tips and suggestions on how to share your photos via email, create your own Web gallery, compose slideshows and flip books, and more, Digital Photography Workbook for Dummies offers all the help, instruction, and hands-on guidance you need to boost the quality of your digital photographs from so-so to sensational!
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